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Training Outsourcing is on the rise

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011


If you’re in the training business like we are, that’s really good news.

A recent Chief Learning Officer article by Cushing Anderson, program director of learning services at IDC, he uses  findings from a January 2011 Human Capital Media Advisory Group survey to make the case for outsourcing training:

  • There has been a small increase in the number of enterprises that plan to outsource, as well as the amount companies spend on outsourcing.
  • Companies that outsource are satisfied with the results and expect to increase or maintain levels of spending with external training providers.
  • Companies are outsourcing primarily to supplement internal resources on an as-needed basis and because they believe training outsourcing is a more cost-effective way to create or deliver training.
  • Most companies who outsource choose activities that do not require the transfer of management control to an external provider.
  • Those who outsource appear satisfied with their providers.
  • The most important qualities CLOs consider when looking for a training outsourcer are training expertise and subject-matter expertise.
  • It’s increasingly important for vendor to act as business partners, reflects an increased understanding of CLOs on the fluid nature of training objectives and the flexibility required for successful training outsourcing.

According to the survey, companies that don’t outsource typically are satisfied with internal training operations, think it is too expensive or believe the subject matter too complex for outside providers.

As enterprises continue to emerge from the economic crisis, will the increased use of external providers hold true? We think so. Allowing a company like WOW! transformations to focus on our expertise — talent development — lets your company focus on its own expertise. It’s a smart way to do business.