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May… Your Milestone Month

Sunday, May 17th, 2015


The month of May has been a milestone month for two young women that I know – my daughters.  

In the beginning of the month we celebrated Kayla’s 20thbirthday, and last weekend Perri graduated from college (magna cum laude – I had to brag.)  It is a great month for all of us moms to have the opportunity to celebrate these significant milestones in our children’s lives — as well as celebrate motherhood!

Perri and Kayla

Perri and Kayla

It has been a remarkable journey so far, watching these two girls grow from infants to toddlers to tweens to teens to adults.  What is more amazing is the fact that they are my daughters… and I am here to help, support and watch their journeys to becoming future leaders in their chosen fields.  So much happens in your 20s – you go to college, you have your first “real” job – you become independent – you create your future life. The values Perri and Kayla have; the skills and knowledge they have learned (and will continue to develop); the friends and connections they have made (and will continue to make); mentors they have found; and organizations they have been involved in are all essential foundations to their future success. Their journeys are underway…

As I look back over my career, and especially my 20s, I was not as lucky as Perri and Kayla in having a network of mentors, contacts, and idea generators to help me focus on my professional journey.  I was a late starter, but eventually I did find the right path.  I love my work now, even the transition that I look a few years back, but it has taken a long time and along the way I have learned many valuable lessons.

Lessons to Share

These lessons are now shaping the work I do, and the opportunities I have to help other woman navigate their professional development and leadership paths, including:  mentoring and coaching young women through CWEL at Babson College and other Babson programs; creating a Boston women’s networking group to ignite relationships and build connections; and developing a woman’s affinity group for a global client.

Most people don’t know where their paths will take them, but for the two young women in my family I see great things ahead.  There will never be a day that I will not cheer them on, coach and mentor them as needed, and most of all love them and be proud of all that they accomplish.

And to all the other women out there… take charge of your journeys and make a difference in ways big and small. Get out and take action! Why not work on your paths in May? It’s a great month for change. Congratulations to everyone on their spectacular journeys! 

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
And flowers bring smiles to the people in our organizations. But what gets them inspired to be engaged, productive and happy at work?

To me, this title is a metaphor for motivation. People like flowers are motivated to grow and develop in a variety of different ways given the right amount of nurturing. And different generations are especially motivated by different things. 

Millenials: What gets them to do the Harlem Shuffle?

  • Flexibility. This generation wants a say in when and where work is done.
  • Change and Challenge. They do not see their work as linear.  They like variety and challenges.  
  • Venting. Don’t interpret their rebellious nature as negative. Remember they like the challenge.
  • Development and Growth. Look for ways to turn their interests into skills they can use in the workplace.  They are a great source for innovation and idea generation.
  • Impact and Results. Break up tasks into component parts and give feedback at those intervals.
  • Tools and Technology. They are the most comfortable with technology and see it as an extension of who they are. Embrace social computing from the inside and define sensible rules for acceptable use.
  • Motivation. Explain how their performance has direct impact on the success or failure of the company.
  • Recognition. Recognize and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Communicate. Clearly and consistently.
  • Trusting Environment. Set rules and policies that really matter.

Gen Xers: What gets them moving and shaking?

  • Flexibility. This generation needs too manage their other priorities, such as dependent children, aging parents, and even educational endeavors. This flexibility can be as simple as providing schedule changes to accommodate these needs.  Understand that these are needs, not wants. 
  • Collaboration and Teamwork. They work best in groups.
  • Recognition. Ways that connect with what they value the most, such as handwritten thank you notes for a job well done, a tangible gift, such as flowers or gift certificates.

Boomers: What gets them rockin’ and rollin’?

  • Position, Power and Prestige. They are often traditionalists, and the perks of the position matter. Titles and authority commensurate with responsibility.
  • Participation and Connection. Encourage then to join associations and attend conventions that keep them professionally connected to their peers. 
  • Collaboration. They are motivated by working together on professional projects in affiliation with others like them.
  • Compensation. More than just the salary this also includes profit sharing and health care benefits including long-term care.

And Everyone Wants…

  • Frequent Communication. “Why,” not just the “what” of projects and priorities.
  • Inclusion. Beyond, what affects them most directly.
  • Fun. To have fun at work, with a capital “F!”

How will you grow your employees this spring?