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Your Talent is Your Investment: Part 2

Monday, March 26th, 2012

By Jill Heineck, Focus Relocation, Guest Blogger and WOW! transformations Strategic Partner

Talent Development

According to Nettie Nitzberg, principal at WOW! transformations, a talent development consulting firm based in Boston, MA, “inboarding” is just as important for an internal employee beginning a new assignment as onboarding is to a new hire. Nitzberg, who works with global Fortune 500 companies, says that creating an initiative to “on or inboard” an employee into the culture of their new assignment is a great way to help them acclimate to their new organization or department, creating engagement from the first day and ensuring that the organization realizes a return on their talent investment. This, in addition to consistent contact from the hiring manager, HR, and others throughout the move is essential to a successful transition.

As mobile families are already anxiously anticipating changes, intuitive companies recognize that front-end engagement is essential to a successful transition.

“Setting and managing proper expectations is one of the keys to the employee’s success on a new assignment,” said Haesloop. With more than 500 moves per year, UPS is a prime example of how to front-load engagement strategies. “A well-designed assignment objective should be known and understood at the beginning of the assignment.” That, coupled with periodic feedback sessions, will ensure those identified objectives are in scope, Haesloop added. 

Proactive and Innovative Engagement

By taking a proactive approach through innovative engagement strategies, a company can protect the financial, talent, and mobility investments across the organization. “Once an employee has accepted the new assignment, we expect them to be completely engaged in their new assignment and unencumbered by the logistical components associated with getting them and their family to their destination,” said Haesloop. “It is important that your relocation service provider(s) is a trusted partner who knows and understands your culture, relocation strategy and philosophy, and expectations.”


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