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Trends in Learning That Will Make a Difference

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


Brandon Hall, Ph.D., CEO of Brandon Hall Research, captures what’s next in learning and development in an article Learning Trends Here Today and Tomorrow. Here are some highlights that will WOW you:


Big Data: Big data will impact learning in several areas: program instruction, personalization and the ability for engines like or Netflix to track preferences in learning.

Mobile: As we all know, mobile will be everywhere. Today and in the future this will drive our ability to access knowledge all the time.

Social: “Social learning occurs in ways we never imagined,” said Hall. This creates new ways to exchange and share knowledge, and opens doors to rethink and reimage our approaches to learning, delivery and access.

Design: Design-centered thinking changes the approach to problem solving and what the end user is demanding or needing.

Learning, Talent and HR: We are already seeing change in these functions. According to Hall, “The learning function will change, with fewer standard learning programs, more experiences and mentoring, more performance consulting and more culture change initiatives.”

“The Internet of Everything”: This is a fairly new concept but one that we will continue to hear about. Kelly Lake, learning and performance strategist at custom learning company Aptara, speaks about digital expansion for learning — the connection of all digital devices at work to support learning and performance.

At WOW, we’re watching these trends — and you should, too.


Attention Talent Providers

Sunday, August 19th, 2012


According to a recent article published in The Business of HR, some 79% of executives are dissatisfied with HR, says a study by global business consultants The Hackett Group. The article identifies some specific areas where dissatisfaction lays within the Talent Management Process (see graphic).

Performance Study - The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group Chief Research Officer Michel Janssen says, “Today’s changing business environment requires that business services organizations retool and radically change their mix of staff to improve their ability to directly impact on business performance. Talent management is key, and business services can’t accomplish this without strong and effective support from HR. Both parties must redouble their efforts to improve their working relationship.”

This poses some questions : Why is this happening and What can we do about it…

For us offering services around Talent Development / Management we are in a perfect position to help close the gap and provide services that will support HR throughout the Talent Management Process.

What can you do to collaborate with HR on:

  • Learning and development?
  • Talent retention?
  • Knowledge sharing?  and help to lessen the gap and make HR look great in the eyes of the executives.

Think about this and post your ideas.


This blog is adapted from the article by John Zappe:  Business Leaders Pin Blame on HR for Worsening Shortage of Talent.  August 15, 2012