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Hiring Managers … Helping or Hurting the Process?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


“In the last few years, corporate recruiters have mastered new tools and disciplines – social sourcing, building online talent communities, talent branding, etc. It’s time for hiring managers to up their game too, contribute more actively to the hiring process and build a true strategic partnership.”
- Francois Dufour, 5 Ways Hiring Managers Fall Short on (Working With) Recruiting

We could not agree more.  Hiring managers have an obligation to ‘step up their game’ and take an active role in the hiring process – hence the name “Hiring Manager.”  From our perspective, some of the same problems that are identified in the article above apply to Recruiters.

Consider these ideas:

  1. Use the Company Persona to help recruiting have a clear picture of the type of person you want to hire.  You can modify existing Personas to meet the unique needs of your department or team.
  2. Enlist your Ambassadors. Social media, job boards and typical recruiting venues are good but not always the place to find the right employees.  Great employees usually have great friends.  Enlist your best employees to help you find potential new hires.  If they love what they do, they are out there raving about the company. That can work for you.
  3. Be part of the process. This means not only being involved in the pre-boarding process of recruiting and selection but once the offer has been made, the Hiring Manager must lead the onboarding process.  The faster a new employee is connected and engaged the more productive and satisfied she will be.

Hiring Managers play a critical role in identifying, connecting and engaging the right talent. Don’t take the job for granted. It takes time, effort and thinking outside the box to find the right people,for the right job, with the right company.