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Monday, November 10th, 2014


Relationships are the key to success.  As the leader of WOW! transformations, I work hard to establish, build and grow relationships in all parts of my life — business, personal, professional.  I mingle clients, colleagues, peers and friends in one big group.  Not always an easy task, but for me it is second nature – mix everyone together and watch the exciting connections happen.

About two months ago, I came up with an idea:  Introduce all the great women I’ve met over the last three years to each other.  For most of us networking happens through an organization we belong to, an event we attend, or our alma mater. There isn’t a place where all types of great women can gather informally and get to know each other, so I created one.

I sent out an informal invitation — no need to RSVP, just show up at the place and time to meet other great women.  Our first event was a success.  About 20 women joined me to mix, mingle and connect. I was thrilled with the outcome and so were the great women who attended. Here’s what some had to say:

“I am in awe of what you did this morning. By gathering that amazing group of women, not only did you create opportunities for all of us to network but you also firmly reconnected us with our “sisterhood.”  There is such power, warmth and gratification to be found in these small intimate gatherings of women.  I found this particular group to all be authentic leaders, each accomplished in their own right, and willing to give back. Love that. Very grounding for me.”  – Nancy

“What a terrific idea and I am grateful to have been included. I had a wonderful morning and felt privileged to meet so many dynamic and inspiring women. The vibe in the air was genuine and organic and it was one of the most productive networking events I have attended in a while.”  – Kim

“Love the spontaneity and ‘just do it’ approach.”  – Ursula

New Members Will Benefit From beyondboarding™

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


When we first started looking at the process of beyondboarding™, we focused on developing a process for the workplace.  Beyondboarding™ is an onboarding initiative that goes beyond orientation and takes a strategic approach to employee and organizational growth and development.

As we discussed beyondboarding™ with customers, prospects and colleagues we realized additional audiences can benefit from WOW! transformations’s beyondboarding™ approach. Beyondboarding™ is not just for employees.  This series explores initiating a beyondboarding™ approach with the following relationships:

Our focus today is on the final audience, new members. Everyone can think of a time when they were a new member of a networking group, civic or business organization, church or synagogue, committee or the PTA … You enter the room and don’t recognize a soul. Everyone is talking to someone and you want to look busy.  You grab a cup of coffee, and search the room for a friendly face or someone not engaged in a conversation.  It’s not easy to blend in and feel comfortable, and you want to make a good first impression. But this organization is new to you and taking the first step is not easy. 

Organizations that take a beyondboarding™ approach to help orient new members can benefit greatly by creating a new member onboarding initiative.  Considering the following steps and benefits when beyondboarding™ a new member:

  1. RIGHT:  Any good partnership needs the right person, on the right team, with the right experience.  Pre-boarding helps new members assess what they need to do to fit into or become active, and benefit personally and professionally from their membership investment. It also helps the organization identify strengths and competencies that the new member brings to the organization.  It is all about creating a great match and ensuring both the organization and the new members get a return on investment.
  2. KNOWLEDGE:  As important as it is for you to know the new member, it is just as important for them to learn about your organization and all it has to offer. This may include a new member onboarding program, matching a new member with a buddy or mentor, introducing the new member to the board or committee heads, providing a tour of the facility, explaining information on the organization’s history, mission, values and structure, and inviting the new member to events and ensuring someone introduces her to existing members so she can feel comfortable and confident that she has made (or will be making) the right choice to join.  Image the ROI when your new member has strong organizational knowledge from the start and wants to play an active role from Day 1.
  3. CULTURE: Every organization needs members who mesh with its core values— the principles that define who you are as an organization and that shape the organizations mission and vision.  When you are marketing your organization and seeking new members it is imperative there is a culture match as well.  Both the new member and the organization are both looking for a ROI and the culture and goals of the membership organization are critical for both parties.
  4. COMMUNICATION: A new member must be in the loop from Day 1.  Make sure she is signed up to receive email notifications and event invitations, and help her navigate the website to gather information. Have board members call to welcome her to the organization and answer questions.  Ensure the new members’ buddy or mentor invites her to meetings and events that may be of interest and attends to ensure she is comfortable and meets the right people.  Gather a group of existing members together and meet the new member for coffee or lunch to communicate opportunities and get her involved.
  5. CLARITY:  Like any good employee onboarding program, a new member needs to have focused clarity around her role and expectations as well as the role of the organization and the goals they are aiming to achieve.  Establishing alignment from the start ensure everyone is focused in the right direction.
  6. LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP:  It is easier to keep an existing member and have them grow and develop (post-boarding) within your organization than having to continue to market and bring new members on board.  Image the impact an beyondboarding(tm) initiative can have for a new member and the how you could kick-start your relationship by helping them to get to know your organization from Day 1.

To make your new member an active participant in your organization, begin with a beyondboarding™ mindset.  Consider the key steps above, but remember it’s only the beginning.  There are many other things that you can and should be to ensure success with your new membersClick here to read more about beyondboarding™.