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WOW is…

Monday, December 1st, 2014




All of the great people I have meet over the past three and a half years in …

Colleagues and peers who have helped me to
Discover my true passion in my work:  Connect-Engage-Grow Talent.

Economic rebound and
Family and friends who are my foundation.

Graphic Designer Jenn Baldwin who makes WOW! look great.

Human Resource departments in organization that hire WOW! for our
Instructional design and talent development consulting capabilities.

JCE Group (Dave Turano), one of my clients who
Kept his cool throughout the design and development process.

Lots of cool clients and work colleagues who have
Made the transformation into friends, such as … Susan, Julia, Jill, Andrew, and
Nuno …

Opportunities to work with awesome people like Kathy, Colleen, Kate and Vanessa at

Queen of edits and my writing and communications partner, Cindy Miller, who I
Respect, admire and who helps me sound articulate.

Solvay who allowed me to grow with them over eight
Terrific years and became a once-in-a-lifetime client opportunity.

UMass friends and alum I have reunited with both personally and professionally.

Various networking and membership organizations (TBCXPX) who have provided me
Tons of opportunities to meet new and exciting people, and talk about WOW!

Web designer Bethany Brown of 1018 Media, a master at her job who
(e)Xcels at every website she builds, and is fun to work with, too!

Your support and loyalty as I have transformed my business from A to
Z over these past 20 years.

A big thank-you for believing in WOW! – Nettie

Dear Nettie

Monday, November 17th, 2014


I continue to reinforce that relationships are the key to success …and that definition of success extends to WOW! transformations clients, colleagues, peers and friends. Strong relationships happen in many ways, and one important element is when you become a trusted advisor to a client, colleague or peer. That means going the extra mile, doing more than what you are expected to do, and extending the relationship beyond the walls of the company or organization into other areas of your life.

I don’t compartmentalize my relationships. For me it’s about the broader opportunities to get to know someone, connecting various people because you know something great will come of it, and seeking relationships in unlikely places. I am proud to say that many a colleague has become a friend, a networking companion and traveled with me into others areas of my life.

The email below serves as a reminder to the impact one can make in an organization and beyond. I worked with Andrew for eight years at Solvay and call him a client, a trusted advisor, and a friend.

Dear Nettie

MDS is what it is today largely through your amazing efforts over these past 8 years. From the first meeting we had to conceptualize the concepts through the expansion to Europe all the way up to present day.  I am in Shanghai today and so is MDS. When I traveled to Brazil MDS was there as well and now it is even available in French as well as Portuguese and Mandarin.

More than just fond memories I hope you also take with you the knowledge that hundreds of Solvay managers are using skills today that are a direct result of MDS and your efforts.

For me it is not good-bye as I know we will work together again. Thanks for all that you have done and all that I don’t even realize you have done!

Fondly,  Andrew

Clients Will Benefit From beyondboarding™

Monday, February 13th, 2012


When we first started looking at the process of beyondboarding™, we focused on developing a process focused on the workplace.  Beyondboarding™ is an onboarding initiative that goes beyond orientation and takes a strategic approach to employee and organizational growth and development.

However, when we began to talk about beyondboarding™ with customers, prospects and colleagues we realized additional audiences can benefit from a beyondboarding™ approach outside of new or newly promoted employees.

This series will look how to initiate a beyondboarding™ approach with the following audience relationships:


The following are five key steps when beyondboarding™ a new client:

  1. RIGHT:  Any good partnership – especially one with a new client, requires the right fit — with products and services the client is offering or providing; the right talent – the folks working on the team or collaborating with you; and the right company – the reason you selected this client is because there is a culture match.  When selecting a client through the proposal process or pre-boarding phase, you must  ensure that they are the right people or organization to help you reach your goals and will ensure a ROI.
  2. KNOWLEDGE:  As important as it is for you to know the client you are working with, it is just as important for them to know your organization.  This should include things such as your formal and informal culture, values and vision, communication preferences, tips and tricks for working with the team, billing process and network access.   Gaining company and job knowledge from Day 1 helps employees become productive. About 89 percent of new hires lack the institutional knowledge required to get up to speed quickly and become effective on the job within their first 90 days. (Strong Start To Job Success By William C. Byham, Ph.D).  Image the ROI when your new client has strong institutional knowledge from the start.
  3. LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP:  A new employee decides within three weeks whether or not an employer is a right fit; 4 percent of new employees leave a job after the first day; more than 20 percent of employee turnover occurs in the first 45 days. (The Wynhurst Group)Image the impact an onboarding program can have for a new client and the how you could kick-start your relationship by helping them to get to know you/organization from Day 1.
  4. CLARITY:  Like any good employee onboarding program, a new client needs to have focused clarity around roles, responsibilities, deliverables, expectations, and goals, as well as a deeper understanding of the organization to ensure there is no misunderstanding and alignment from beginning to end.
  5. COMMUNICATION: A good manager will also discuss with her new employee the best way to for them to have ongoing communication.  This is imperative in a client relationship, especially at the onset to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, information is clarified, files and documents are sent and received effectively and, most of all, that everyone knows where they stand with the person, client or team members.  Discussing your communication strategy right from the start is a great way to set the foundation for how you will work together.

To make your client relationship a success, begin with a beyondboarding™ mindset.  Consider the five key steps above but remember that is only the beginning.  There are many other things that you can and should be to ensure success

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