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May… Your Milestone Month

Sunday, May 17th, 2015


The month of May has been a milestone month for two young women that I know – my daughters.  

In the beginning of the month we celebrated Kayla’s 20thbirthday, and last weekend Perri graduated from college (magna cum laude – I had to brag.)  It is a great month for all of us moms to have the opportunity to celebrate these significant milestones in our children’s lives — as well as celebrate motherhood!

Perri and Kayla

Perri and Kayla

It has been a remarkable journey so far, watching these two girls grow from infants to toddlers to tweens to teens to adults.  What is more amazing is the fact that they are my daughters… and I am here to help, support and watch their journeys to becoming future leaders in their chosen fields.  So much happens in your 20s – you go to college, you have your first “real” job – you become independent – you create your future life. The values Perri and Kayla have; the skills and knowledge they have learned (and will continue to develop); the friends and connections they have made (and will continue to make); mentors they have found; and organizations they have been involved in are all essential foundations to their future success. Their journeys are underway…

As I look back over my career, and especially my 20s, I was not as lucky as Perri and Kayla in having a network of mentors, contacts, and idea generators to help me focus on my professional journey.  I was a late starter, but eventually I did find the right path.  I love my work now, even the transition that I look a few years back, but it has taken a long time and along the way I have learned many valuable lessons.

Lessons to Share

These lessons are now shaping the work I do, and the opportunities I have to help other woman navigate their professional development and leadership paths, including:  mentoring and coaching young women through CWEL at Babson College and other Babson programs; creating a Boston women’s networking group to ignite relationships and build connections; and developing a woman’s affinity group for a global client.

Most people don’t know where their paths will take them, but for the two young women in my family I see great things ahead.  There will never be a day that I will not cheer them on, coach and mentor them as needed, and most of all love them and be proud of all that they accomplish.

And to all the other women out there… take charge of your journeys and make a difference in ways big and small. Get out and take action! Why not work on your paths in May? It’s a great month for change. Congratulations to everyone on their spectacular journeys! 

The New Rules of Mentoring

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

By Guest Blogger: Wendy Murphy

In the past two decades, professional careers have shifted from linear and stable to boundary-less and unpredictable. Technology also is affecting everyone’s careers, with the rapid pace of change requiring workers to have the flexibility to adapt and learn quickly. In this environment, negotiating transitions is an essential career skill, and workers must create stability and certainty for themselves. Relationships are one of the most valuable resources for career development, and mentors are a key source of stability in assisting individuals to successfully adapt to career challenges.   Read the article…


Wendy Marcinkus Murphy is an Assistant Professor of Management with teaching responsibilities in organizational behavior for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Professor Murphy’s research interests are in the area of careers. Her work focuses on mentoring and developmental networks, gender in the workplace, identity issues, and the work-life interface. Specifically, she is interested in the initiation and cultivation of developmental relationships through blended technologies including email and social media.  Read her full bio…

Talent Management Trends: Are You Onboard or Drifting?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

How often have you heard a business executive brag that “our people are our most important asset”?  Sounds good, but how many companies actually work strategically to enhance that asset?

A recent post on The Daily Recruiter reviewed emerging trends in “talent management,” the process of attracting, developing and retaining skilled employees.  The article went to the heart of the issue quickly: A structured talent management process wіll systematically close thе gap between thе human capital аn organization currently hаѕ аnd thе leadership talent іt wіll eventually need tο respond tο tomorrow’s business challenges.

I was gratified to see the article reaffirmed beyondboarding™ – a strategic approach to employee and organizational growth and development – that WOW! transformations has been helping organizations implement as part of their talent development initiatives.  Most onboarding programs for new employees have a short shelf life; they begin with a flurry of activity, but the energy all but dissipates within a few months.  Beyondboarding™ actually precedes a hiring decision by assessing talent needs and continues throughout an employee’s career with the company.  Not only does its duration span through lifetime of service, its strategic outlook continually assesses an individual’s needs for re-orientation, learning and development.

The article suggests several important strategies of talent management, including:

  • Attracting talent. Creating assessment, selection strategies and processes is a critical first step in attracting qualified talent in the current economy and gives you a leg up on the competition.
  • Retaining the best people.  Wіth 75 percent οf employees looking fοr nеw employment opportunities аt аnу given time аnd five million Baby Boomers expected tο retire іn thе next few years, thе war fοr talent іѕ οn.
  • Developing talent.  Providing your employees with opportunities for development such as executive coaching, career development аnd leadership development programs.
  • Transitioning talent out of the company.  Thе benefits οf offering exiting employees quality transition programs far outweigh thе costs аnd risks οf nοt providing thеm.

Beyondboarding™ is an effective strategy because it incorporates all the stages of an individual’s career development within the context of an organization’s needs for the future.  To learn more about how beyondboarding™ can help your company, click here.

What are you doing to keep your employees engaged and invested in your company’s success?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

The recession kept a lot of high-potential people in their corporate bunkers.  For many, their hopes for advancement were deferred, as were salary increases and career-development opportunities. Their hard work and sacrifice has been essential to many a company’s survival.

But as the recession ebbs and the recovery strengthens, the best and brightest are becoming more restless.  Payback time is coming. 

A worldwide survey by the Corporate Executive Board (CEO) found that:

  • 30 percent of the high-potential employees surveyed planned to change employers within a year.
  • 21 percent said they were highly “disengaged” at their current job.  That’s up from 7 percent in 2006.

What are you doing to keep your employees engaged and invested in your company’s success? That’s where WOW! transformations can help.

According to Conrad Schmidt, executive director of the CEO, high-potential employees want more clarity in their role and career path.  That means they want to know exactly how they fit into the organization and what their options are for career development.  What’s more, they want to be recognized for their contributions.

Schmidt outlined several steps every company could take immediately:

  • “Start by having a frank discussion that clarifies their roles, where the company is going and how it plans to invest in them.  Ambiguity is an engagement killer, so good communications is essential.”
  • Find inventive ways to recognize top performers and future leaders.  Higher pay isn’t always the answer, even if it is an option.  As important, according to Schmidt, is giving high-potential people more access to senior executives and critical projects.

What else can employers do to retain their key employees?  Karen Steadman, president of Leadership Futures, an Atlanta consulting firm, suggests that different generations have different reason for changing jobs.  Older workers may be looking for greater stability or benefits, while Generation X employees may be looking for opportunities to build skills while doing meaningful work.  Everyone, it can be assumed, is looking for greater work/life balance and recognition for their hard work during hard times.

Career development and mobility must become a primary concern for employers, not just ambitious employees. Preparing people for their next job is a smart way to keep employees engaged throughout their lifetime of service to your company. At WOW! transformations, we work with companies to create customized employee development programs that do just that – beyondboarding™ (a strategic approach to employee and organizational growth and development) could be the answer to engaged and satisfied employees and a “wow” organization!

Source: “It’s Time for Companies to Reengage Their Best Talent” by Laura Raines, July 1, 2010, Atlanta Journal-Constitution