Talent Development “Bytes” of Knowledge: Part 1


WOW! transformations keeps an eye on the Talent Development and Talent Management industry. In today’s world of information overload, we’re happy to point you to items we feel are important.

Below are “bytes” of knowledge happening in our global marketplace.  Check out our website to stay up-to-date with important talent information.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace and environment of continual skill shortages, companies will continue to face the huge challenges in the global economy.  Companies must respond to these challenges with innovative recruitment, retention, onboarding and talent development programs.— Ernst & Young: Managing Today’s Global Workforce

  • In today’s economy, organizations must work aggressively to stay competitive. One of the most important assets an organization can develop is its people. Effective management and employee development is critical to success. — Human Capital Institute Research Study
  • Creating a culture of commitment and engagement leads to organizational success. According to the Small Business Administration, 90 percent of businesses fail in the first 10 years due to a lack of fundamental principles, one of these being a lack of soft skills from a manager. Creating and maintaining an effective culture of commitment and engagement takes effort from leaders who work closely with employees, and that’s often neglected. — Small Business Administration
  • Soon, the worldwide demand for labor will outstrip supply by 35 million jobs, draining $3.5 trillion in annual output from the global economy. — Jim Hargis, How To Reduce HR Hiring Cycle Time
  • Experts say that 70 percent of your company’s value is based on the skills, experience, and performance of your workforce. You need to find highly qualified candidates, get the best from your people, identify and retain top performers, encourage ongoing learning, and keep employees engaged. Talent management is a strategy that enables you to effectively drive results and gain a competitive advantage leveraging your people.
    — Taleo Whitepaper: talent-management-best-practices for 2011

The Daily Recruiter had a recent post: “A structured talent management process wіll close thе gap between thе human capital аn organization currently hаѕ аnd thе leadership talent іt wіll eventually need tο respond tο tomorrow’s business challenges.”

What are you doing to reinvent your talent development initiatives?

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