Our Approach

Communication plays a key role throughout our approach. During Discovery, we may realize a communication strategy needs to be developed to ensure we are focused on the right target audience and with the right message. During Planning, we build off the communication tactics to create components of the plan. Throughout Execution, communication plays a critical role for buy-in, messaging and marketing to our target audiences. And while the talent initiatives are carried out, communication is the key to successful implementation and sustainability.

WOW’s approach is supported by the ASTD model for talent management. Like WOW’s beyondboarding™, ASTD’s integrated talent management covers a suite of processes that maximize employee capability throughout the organization and link capability to strategy and business results from recruitment through retirement.

Simply stated, effective talent management means putting the right employee with the right skills in the right position at the right time. This responsibility involves the whole organization and is facilitated most effectively by those whose core capability is the strategic development of talent throughout the entire employee life cycle – the organization’s learning professionals.

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