Winter Weather and WOW! Update

Outside the headquarters of WOW! it looks like ‘snowmaggedeon’.




We are under more than 90” of snow and shoveling has become a nearly endless task.  The white stuff is no longer pretty and traveling by foot in South Boston is as dangerous as driving: the two-way streets that are so narrow that only one car can pass at a time.  Huge icicles hang from the roofs, ice dams are taking over the gutters, and mountains of snow are obstructing views for walkers and drivers on every corner.  Take a glimpse at what I am talking about…


However, there is also some good that comes from this as well… spending time with family and friends (that live near by), catching up on old and new TV shows, and shoveling is great exercise.  It is also a wonderful way to meet the neighbors, make new friends, and connect with folks in the neighborhood!  Yes, there are some pluses from all of the white stuff!

WOW! loves to connect and engage! Over the past few months, Nettie has been connecting and engaging great women in Boston through an informal networking group that meets about every 6-8 weeks.  It is so informal there is no standard agenda except to bring a smile, your business cards and your cup of coffee. (When we meet in the evening, everyone buys their own cocktails).  The purpose of the event is to mingle and meet women of all ages, backgrounds, locales and industries, while making new friends in an informal environment. The event is fun and some great personal, professional and work connections are happening!

Growing our relationships!  We also are very excited that through Nettie’s work as a mentor/coach for Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) and the WINLAB program, we are partnering with WINLAB for our next event on March 12th at Babson’s Boston Campus.  This is super exciting and offers the WINLAB coaches a great opportunity to join in the fun and connect with each other and meet more great women.  If you live in the Boston area feel free to contact Nettie to get on the mailing list, and grow your connections {women only}.

Stay tuned…

for more WOW! updates in the weeks to come on how we are connecting, engaging and growing…


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