What do the Boston Swan Boats and Market Basket Have in Common…

A deeply embedded company culture!


In a recent Boston Globe article, For Swan Boat pedalers, a storybook ride… the author talks about the Paget Family who has owned and operated the city’s famed swan boats since 1877. What I found so amazing about this Boston icon was the story behind the Swan Boat operators. Most of these folks have worked for the Paget family for generations and are considered a part of the family. These jobs are passed down within families for years and years, however, the younger siblings don’t just get the jobs from older relatives. According to the story: “They have to go through a long training period before they are allowed to take a swan out on their own, a process the Pagets call “earning your wings.” Aside from driving the boats they also consider themselves representatives of Boston.

Now, this is what I call a wildly successful organization based on establishing an awesome company culture, and embedding a strong onboarding practice for new hires. images-1

Then you have the Market Basket grocery store chain, a family-owned business based in New Hampshire that is in crisis. However, let’s look at it from a positive culture perspective. Arthur T. Demoulis, the ousted CEO did a phenomenal job of creating a company culture that was so successful that employees, as well as customers have rallied around him – refusing to go back to work or shop at the stores until he is reinstated in order to show their undying support. For example, last week employees were ordered to go back to work by the new CEO’s or face terminations. Employees chose the latter. And customers are still boycotting the stores while Market Basket employees are rallying their support for Arthur T.

This is what I call a wildly successful organization based on establishing an awesome company culture, and with dedicated employees and customers who will support a leader who showed managerial excellence in leading the organization!   Unknown

So how can you create an organization that can survive through the decades or through a crisis…

It is all about CREATING and CULTIVATING a company culture around a consistent set of practices…

  1. Commit to managerial excellence
  2. Develop consistent and transparent communication
  3. Dedication to hiring and developing the right employees

The Swan Boats and Market Basket hit the nail on the head around practices #1 and #3. Being a great company is not good enough today given the competition, changing economic landscape and emerging technology. Today’s organizations need to be wildly successful, yet many struggle with how to achieve this. The answer lies in a company’s culture, which both the Swan Boats and Market Basket exemplify! This is the key to driving commitments that achieve results.

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