WOW! transformations is Rockin’ Boston… #1

WOW! transformations is picking up traction in the Boston market. 

In the fall, we worked with Mobiquity Inc., a mobile technology company based in Wellesley MA, on a culture transformation initiative. Working with the company’s leadership team, we helped clarify corporate values, create personas for hiring, and develop internal communications messages.  It was work with immediate impact.  Mobiquity now hires for culture fit, the entire organization is in sync with key messages and turnover has dropped by more than 50 percent.

Helping You Rock!
We would love to add your organization to our growing list of clients in the Boston area.  If your organization is struggling to match the right talent to your organization, get new hires ramped up quickly, or develop and retain your best employees, we can help.  WOW! transformations is your one-stop solution to getting past your people pain and rockin’ your business.


South Boston HQ for WOW! transformations

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