Why Blog?

By Cindy Miller, Guest Blogger
Cindy Miller Communications

Let’s face it: Most of us are not going to see a whole lot of zeroes behind the number of hits on our blog.  So why bother?

Yes, it’s time consuming, but here’s why blogging makes sense:

  1. Blogging can be incorporated into professional development. There is no shortage of information flowing through the Internet, and the discipline of blogging forces you to take the time to actually read some of it, form opinions and adapt new thinking into your work. This is a good challenge for your executive team, and for others throughout the company.
  2. You can establish members of your staff as thought leaders. When it comes to blog readership, it’s quality, not quantity that really matters.  If you use an effective social media strategy to promote your blog, you’ll expose your expertise to the right people.  And that leads to business.
  3. It’s part of your business development. A collection of blog entries tells a prospective client a lot about you, your work and your approach to business.
  4. You can make any size company more personal. A blog can share information about your company that helps fuel the type of culture you want. Share exceptional stories — and some ordinary ones, too — to help link your employees together. This can be especially helpful for companies that have multiple locations.

Blogging can get you noticed in just the way you want to be perceived.  That’s smart promotion.


Cindy Miller is the president of Cindy Miller Communications, an Atlanta-based company that specializes in strategy, crisis and social media. Learn more at www.CindyMillerCommunications.com or contact Cindy at Cindy@CindyMillerCommunications.com.

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