Playing with Legos®: It’s not just fun and games


Last week I participated in the Florida Creativity Weekend (as both a facilitator and participant).  On Friday I co-facilitated a Strategic Play® with Legos® workshop with my colleague (and brother) David Lunken, Cedar Croft Advisors .  The workshop focused on Building Connections – Literally & Metaphorically w/Strategic Play® and Lego® in the workplace — by building a variety of Lego® structures and telling stories about them.  The real learning comes not in creating the structures but in telling the stories about what you created and listening to stories from the group.  Storytelling is the key to this process and it’s used in a style that combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning.

In last week’s group, most participants did not know each other. The group was divided into two teams, and we included icebreakers and energizers throughout the day to help them connect and learn more about each other. As the day progressed and the builds became more complex, individuals developed into team members and created the foundation for deeper relationships.  This was evident when members presented each other with gifts and shared stories to explain the gift, as well as in the final build that required individual strengths to form a cohesive team structure.

It was an amazing experience to watch the team development and to hear what participants learned.  It was a day of fun, play and lots of WOW!

Interested in bringing some WOW! into your team… let us know how we can help!

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