What’s Your Company Persona?


Persona:  A fictional person who represents a potential employee for your organization.

A persona helps identify major characteristics and traits that are important to your organization. It helps identify people who will be most effective in your organization.  When considering what traits or characteristics to focus on, go beyond skills to include areas such as personality, demographics and years experience.

Why Create a Persona?

A better question is to ask, why not? Wouldn’t it be nice to share a visual representation of your ideal employee? It’s not like you are tearing a picture from a magazine and sending it around the office.  Creating a personal takes thought, work and insight.  It requires you to accurately describe company culture and values and articulate why someone would be successful in your organization.  It takes time, energy and teamwork to create a useful persona.

Getting Started

Gather magazines, markers, scissors, glue and flip charts to use to develop your visual representation.

  1. Create a name for the person if you like.
  2. Add detailed background information, such as education, experience, and location.
  3. List values, and how this person will support the company values.
  4. Identify personality traits and actions that will be important to succeed at your company.
  5. Describe your company culture, including the informal environment and how this person will fit into your company
  6. Gather other important details about your company

If you are intrigued by this process and want more information on Creating Your Company Persona, contact Nettie Nitzberg of WOW! transformations.

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