Company Culture is a Competitive Advantage


At WOW! transformations, we’re scanning the news for the latest ideas on employee engagement. Here’s a summary to a recent Boston Globe article. Want to read the entire piece? Click here.

In competitive markets for talent, a company’s culture can help recruiting, but the most glamorous perks may not be the most effective.  Flexibility of scheduling is high on the list of cultural assets, as are transparency, teamwork and all the goodies like free beer, food and swag.

More important, however, are benefits that advance careers.  These include sabbatical programs, the chance to work with smart people on winning teams, and the likelihood of enhanced career opportunities.

Here’s one of the happy irony when local companies compete for talent: Everyone wins.  Why?  Work will flow to where the jobs are, so as new companies enter a region, the availability of jobs increases and the talent pool expands.

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