Helping You Transform Your Talent…Part 3: Connecting Talent


  • Are you stumped when asked to describe your company culture?
  • Do you fill seats instead of sourcing talent for organizational fit?
  • Is your messaging confusing prospects and employees?


Your company culture doesn’t have to change as your organization evolves. Clear communication should reflect the personality of your organization and attract the right talent, as well as retain existing employees. We look for disconnects between the company’s culture and the people it is seeking. We also measure the effectiveness of the recruiting message. Once the company personality is identified and the messaging is developed, you’ll put this information to use to find the right talent. We call this stage Connecting.


Here is an example of how we helped Mobiquity refine and communicate its company culture.

“We put what we learned from WOW! transformations to work immediately,” said Susan Miele, Mobiquity’s Chief People Officer. “The Culture Audit gave us a great snapshot of where we were, and the steps that followed gave us concrete ideas to use to find the right solutions to our people problems. We now have a great foundation that we will continue to build on as we grow.”  

Assignment: WOW! transformations, partnering with the Human Resources department of Mobiquity, led a three-month culture and communications initiative to help them through a huge transformation.  Propelled by rapid growth, company executives expected to hire more than 90 people in six months to staff its offices around the United States. To ensure they were sourcing and selecting the right talent, it was critical that the executive team, key stakeholders, HR and hiring managers reached consensus on the type of people they wanted to hire.  WOW! helped leadership clearly define the ideal candidates to work in this rapidly changing and growing organization, and convey a clear, concise and consistent message about the organization.

Strategy & Tactics Used: WOW! transformations took a phased approach to meet the organization’s needs.

1: The Culture Audit
The Culture Audit identified how people move through the employee lifecycle and what matters to them. It consisted of one-on-one interviews, focus groups, review of existing information, as well as a review of systems, processes and development initiatives to address what’s not working throughout the organization.
Deliverable: Along with the data collected, The Culture Audit Report, presented in a narrative format, identified strategic priorities, recommendations, and solutions to address the organization’s people and process issues.

2: Culture Workshop and Communications Brainstorm Session
WOW! facilitated a one-day culture workshop with the executive team and key stakeholders to work on strategic priorities identified in The Culture Audit Report and ensure buy-in and follow-through on the top three initiatives to move the organization forward regarding programs, people, and practices. Priorities included creating company personas to use in recruiting, hiring and performance management; identifying core values; and identifying internal communications methods to get the word out.

Following the culture workshop, a half-day communications work session was held with the Marketing and HR teams to identify target audiences and to begin development of messaging to be used in the internal Communications Plan.
3: Communications Plan and Documentation
As a result of the communications work session and information gathered during the Culture Workshop, a detailed Communications Plan was created to provide consistent messaging to articulate the organization’s personality and core behaviors; to ensure internal and external communication is consistent; and to support the sourcing, selection and retention of people who best fit the culture.


Mobiquity has been very busy implementing initiatives that resulted from The Culture Audit.  Here is what the company has done to date:

  • Identified its core values, developing five statements into a summary it calls “What Matters to Us”
  • Produced an internal video to explain The Culture Audit and top initiatives resulting from The Audit; as well as roll-out of “What Matters to Us”
  • Created personas for both employees and managers to use in recruiting, competency development and performance management
  • Developed a plan for an Intranet site to share information and support new hires in the onboarding process.

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