A Partnership Will Benefit From beyondboarding™


During the past several years WOW! transformations entered into several different types of partnerships.  They range from client engagements to strategic alliances and sub-contracting work.  One thing we’ve learned is that partnerships can benefit from a beyondboarding™ initiative.  Beyondboarding™ is an onboarding initiative that goes beyond orientation and takes a strategic approach to employee and organizational growth and development.

Here are five ways to embed a beyondboarding™ mindset into your partnership arrangements:

  1. RIGHT:  Any good partnership needs the right person, on the right project, with the right experience.  Pre-boarding helps partners assess what they need to ensure they are sourcing and selecting the right talent that can work within the company or project’s parameters.
  2. CULTURE: “Every organization needs employees who mesh with its core values— the principles that define who you are as an organization and that shape day-to-day business decisions. Employees who do not adhere to a shared corporate culture dilute it, detracting from the essence that gives your company its identity and helps it achieve aggressive goals. I’ve found that in my business, alignment with my company’s culture and values counts far more than do skills or experience.” (Alan Lewis, Grand Circle Travel, HBR)
    This is very true for partners. When you are sourcing the right talent is it is imperative there is a culture match as well.
  3. TEAM:  It is also critical that the person entering in the partnership ensures she is a good fit with the project team, as well as the client team if it’s a sub-contracting arrangement. This can be identified in the initial sourcing stages when determining the right fit for the partnership.  But should also be thought out when matching Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to client projects or pulling together work teams.
  4. CLARITY:  Like any good employee onboarding program, a new partner needs to have focused clarity around her roles, responsibilities, deliverable, expectation, goals, as well as a deeper understanding of the organization (partnership organization as well as the client organization) to ensure there is no miss understanding and that there is alignment from beginning to end.
  5. COMMUNICATION: A good manager will also discuss with her new employee the best way to for them to have ongoing communication.  This is so critical in a partnership arrangement, especially at the onset of the partnership and throughout as well to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, information is clarified, files and documents are sent and received effectively and most of all that everyone knows where they stand with the person, client or team members.  Creating a communication strategy is one way to ensure this happens right from the start.

To make your partnership a success begin with a beyondboarding™ mindset.  Consider the five key steps above but remember that is only the beginning.  There are many other things that you can and should be to ensure success.  Click here to read more about beyondboarding™ and some of the other components that work in a partnership.

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