Global Talent Challenges – Are you stumbling or doing it right? (Part 1)


Recruiting executives from many cultures is an essential ingredient for success in today’s global economy.  It’s also a considerable challenge.  Do it right, and the company benefits from the diversity.  Do it badly, and the company stumbles and misses opportunities.

According to the Manpower’s 2010 Global Talent Shortage Survey, nearly a third of employers worldwide have difficulty filling positions because of a lack of suitable talent. In EMEA countries, the number is 23 percent; 41 percent in Asia Pacific; and 34 percent in the Americas.

So what do you do when you find the right executive talent for your global team?


  • Effectively integrating acquired and hired employees to build engagement.
  • Exploring ways to attract the right talent with the right skills, in the right locations, at the right times
  • Creating retention initiatives to retain top talent in a globally competitive talent market

Company leadership must respond to these challenges with innovative sourcing, recruitment, onboarding and development programs.

We will continue this posting in Part 2. Stay tuned.

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