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Key findings from global consulting firm PwC’s 14th Annual Global CEO Survey show talent as a top priority for CEOs, moving up from third on the list in last year’s survey The results, reported in a Talent Management article, is great news for the economy.

However, the survey finds that more than half of the global and U.S. CEO respondents (51 percent global, 55 percent U.S.) plan to increase their headcount over the next 12 months but are concerned they may not have access to people with the right skills. PwC reports that 66 percent of global CEOs and 56 percent of U.S. CEOs say a lack of the right skills is their biggest talent challenge.

“The ‘war for talent’ is not just a numbers game — it means finding, retaining and motivating employees whose skills fit the company’s strategy,” said Ed Boswell, U.S. Advisory People and Change practice leader at PwC. “As the economy is gradually showing signs of improvement, companies are putting their emphasis on their people.”

This is even better news for organizations in the talent development industry, like WOW! transformations, a talent development firm who helps organizations optimize their return on their talent investment through an approach that focuses on pre-boarding, onboarding and post-boarding talent.

“The impact of these changes cannot be overstated.  Increased regulatory complexity and the war for talent will require organizations to adapt their approach to managing human capital across borders,” said Billy Owens, Global and U.S. leader of PwC’s International Assignment Services practice. “The challenges most CEOs report in recruiting and retaining talent reflect the strategic and geographical changes afoot for many companies. Companies are taking the long view on addressing talent needs in every market where they operate.”

That’s where WOWs! innovative approach of beyondboarding™ comes into play.  At WOW!, we help organizations create a company culture that nurtures employees throughout their career with them. This begins with an understanding of what’s needed when selecting new talent, continues through the hiring process, and for the duration of the employees’ service to the company.

Making talent development a priority is important so that employee and organizational growth and development become a strategic organizational initiative. The Chief Learning Officer must have a seat at the table. This is especially critical with global organizations that are facing significant recruiting and retention challenges, like those referenced by Bill Owens.

As the economy continues to rebound, it is essential that CEOs partner with their CLOs to find, select, retain and develop talent.  It’s new era, one where talent is the key to an organization’s success.

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About beyondboarding™ … In an increasingly competitive and uncertain marketplace, companies must have strategies for innovative recruitment, retention, onboarding and learning and development. Programs in these areas will create long-term, invested team members. Creating a best-in-class beyondboarding™ process includes pre-boarding, onboarding and post-boarding. It focuses on improving employee retention, satisfaction and productivity, helping companies retain top talent.  Contact WOW! transformations to see how we can help your company get started on beyondboarding™ and make talent management a priority.

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