Get Onboard and Go Beyond

If you make one business goal this year, it should be to focus on keeping your top talent on your payroll. It’s a problem many don’t think about until it’s too late, but this could be the year that turnover rears its ugly head and cripples your business.

On January 5, 2011 The Conference Board, a non-profit business research association, released initial findings from its annual survey of employee job satisfaction. “Americans of all ages and income brackets continue to grow increasingly unhappy at work — a long-term trend that should be a red flag to employers,” says the Board’s press release. The study shows job satisfaction at a 20-year low due to economic instability, poor management, and the overall lack of appreciation of human talent.
The study presents a challenge that strikes at the heart of what we do at WOW! transformations. We help you create a workplace that nurtures talent from Day 1, building job satisfaction and a commitment to your bottom line.
“All Aboard,” the Workplace Rx column in this month’s T&D Magazine highlights one way we do just that. Working with an international pharmaceutical company, WOW! transformations designed and developed an initiative that positioned the company to retain top talent, engage employees and achieve business sustainability. As the article states, we at WOW! transformations “branded the initiative as a means to jumpstart culture assimilation from the day employees were hired, and to cultivate employee career development throughout their lifetime of service at the organization.”

Increasing job satisfaction and engagement takes more than an orientation program. At WOW! transformations, we call the process beyondboarding(tm). It broadens the idea of onboarding, which helps employees fully engage in a workplace, to include pre-boarding, sourcing and selecting the right people, and post-boarding, nurturing talent through learning and development initiatives throughout the lifetime of service at your company.
To understand how our work is transforming organizational culture, click below to read the full T&D Magazine Workplace RX column “All Aboard,” and see how an international pharmaceutical company put beyondboarding(tm) to work.

T&D Mag article Jan 2011 

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